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Ajeet Bharti

Affiliation: DO Politics (https://dopolitics.in/)
Vocation/ Title: Journalist
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Begusarai, Delhi

Ajeet Bharti is a Delhi-based Hindu right-wing journalist. He has worked as a Hindi editor with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) propaganda website OpIndia. He runs his own digital newsroom and youtube channel, DO Politics. His channel is a Hindu extremist mouthpiece and actively propagates anti-Muslim propaganda.

He makes regular videos defending every anti-Muslim policy of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. To anti-Muslim hate crimes, he readily comes up with counter-narratives and vicious polemics that end up blaming Muslims.

In 2020 his account was suspended by Twitter for breaking the rules governing  ‘hateful conduct.’ The action came in response to Bharti’s tweet that read, “ Good to see more leaders removing radical from their statements on Islamic terror. It was never ‘radical Islam.’ It was always ‘Islam.’ France did away with the radical bullshit, so should others. Just call it ‘Islam terror’ radical by default.”

A few titles from his anti-Muslim shows on YouTube:

“Patrakarita ke naam par jo chal raha hai wo vaishya vriti sadrishya hai, rashtra ghrina aur hindu grina ko hi patrakarita bana rakha hai” (What is going on in the name of journalism is akin to prostitution, National hatred and Hindu hatred has been made journalism)

“ Avaidh mazaron ka Agra ke park par qabza, hinduon ke sanrakshan me phal phool rahe mazar” (Illegal Muslim shrines encroach on Agra’s park, Muslim Shrines flourishing under the patronage of Hindus!)

“ Gajar ghas ki tarah ugti mazaron ki janch kyun nahi hoti, mazar ki aar me ‘land jihad’ ka bhayawah roop har oor” (Why aren’t the mushrooming Muslim tombs investigated? Horrible form of ‘Land Jihad’ everywhere in the guise of Mazar.)

“ Kya hai waqf qanoon , puja asthal qanoon , jo hai hamari raah rora, Gyanvapi ki raah atiyant kathin Hinduon ko jagna hi hoga” (What is Waqf law, Place of Worship Act, which is a hurdle in our path ( of Hindu Nation), the path to Gyanvapi is very difficult, Hindus will have to wake up)

“Hyderabad ke kattarpanthi Hinduon ke sabr ki pariksha na len, Owaisi ke tattuon ko 2002, 2022 wapis asmaran kara denge” (Don’t test the patience of the fundamentalist Hindus of Hyderabad, will make Owaisi’s ponies remember 2002 and 2022 back.)

He plays the typical card of Hindu victimization and portrays Muslims as the cause of all the suffering and wrongs facing Hindus in India. He regularly invites notorious Islamophobes and hate-mongers on his shows and treats their hate-filled views as legitimate alternative thoughts. Scandalous hate mongers like Yati Narasimhananda, Bageshwar baba, Giriraj Singh, Kapil Mishra etcetera are among the invitees on his show.

He has no qualm in casting aspersions on Supreme Court judges whenever they seem to be doing any bit of justice in matters involving some Hindu extremist interest.

“I refuse to cooperate in the contempt proceeding because courts can not be the complainant, prosecutor, and adjudicator in its own cause. If my language sounds filthy to you, I also have the right to unravel your (Judiciary’s) filth,” he jeers on the Supreme court’s authority to proceed against him in cases of flagrant contempt.

He suggested to the then Attorney General of India, KK Venugopal, to retire and play with his grandchildren and leave the post for some young lawyer who would be aware that the world has changed. Notably, the Attorney general had consented to contempt action against Bharti for ‘gross’ remarks about the Supreme Court of India.

Coarse language and cheap theatrics coupled with conspiracy theories and propaganda are among the essential constituents of his venomous digital output. He sadistically uploads ‘roast’ videos on his channel in which he makes fun of the Muslim predicament in the country.

He has also authored multiple books to demonize minorities. The title of one of his books is “Ghar Wapsi.”

(Ghar Wapsi (“Returning Home”) is the program of forced conversion of religious minorities to Hinduism. It is conducted mainly by Hindu militant organizations like Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and their allies. The term owes to the Hindu nationalist ideology that all people of India are ancestrally Hindu; hence, conversion to Hinduism is one of “returning home” to their ancestral roots.)