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Ankit Pandey

Ankit Pandey

Affiliation: Bajrang Dal
Vocation/ Title: District coordinator, Bajrang Dal, Banda, Uttar Pradesh
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Uttar Pradesh

Ankit Pandey is a hate monger from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, designated as  District coordinator of the Hindu Militant organization Bajrang Dal.

He spews  Islamophobic venom regularly and also actively participates in organized hate crimes against Muslims in the region.

On January 7, 2023, a Bajrang Dal worker, Sambhu Koiri was allegedly hacked to death in Karimganj, Assam. Panday blamed Muslims for his death and said on camera, “these children of Babur (Muslims) must know their place.”

The Bajrang Dal members burnt the effigies of Muslims in Banda, where Panday said to the media that, “khoon ka badla khoon hoga. Wo ek marenge hum unke hazaar marenge aur ab ye Babur ki auladein apni aukaat mein reh kar desh me rahe” (there will be an eye for an eye. If they kill one of us, we will kill thousands. These children of Babur need to be shown their place in this country”).

He is also a member of various cow vigilante groups and has been involved in inflicting brutality against Muslims on the pretext of cow protection. While referring to the impunity enjoyed by him and his ilks, he says, ‘This is our government now and we are part of it.’ He casually addresses Muslims as ‘jihadis’ and ‘terrorists.’

His social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are congested with hate-mongering and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Notably, regional  WhatsApp groups of Hindu extremist outfits with thousands of members also help Pandey spread anti-Muslim propaganda swiftly and efficiently.