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Ankur Sharma

Affiliation: Ikkjutt Jammu
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: India, Jammu & Kashmir

Ankur Sharma is a Hindu nationalist leader from the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir state. He wears many hats: social activist, politician, lawyer, and engineer. He has an engineering degree from Pune University and Law degree from Delhi University.

In 2020, Sharma founded Ikkjutt Jammu, a political party in sync with RSS ideology that advocates for creating a separate Jammu state out of the districts of the Jammu Division. It wants to stop what it describes as “Muslim separatism,” the “Jihadi war” in the region, and reduce Kashmiris to second-class citizens.

Sharma is an extremist-xenophobic activist who keeps lobbying with Hindutva forces in the region. He is known for fanning “conspiracy theories” about alleged attempts by Muslims to change the demography of the Jammu district. He is also one of the early proponents of Zameen Jihad, which was later used by the Hindu rightwing ecosystem to target Muslims.

“The demographic change of Jammu is being brought about by a multi-pronged strategy which includes well funded campaign of purchase of land, fraudulent allotments of the forest and state land through the Roshni Act, settlement of Illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims, induced Muslim Migration from Kashmir and fraudulent census operations,” Sharma said.

Sharma campaigns against Muslim settlements in Jammu and endorses firing bullets in Kashmir for slaughtering cows on the streets.

“These 15 to 25% radicals are hell bent upon destroying Hindu Civilisation as their literature clearly exhorts that India is an unfinished Chapter of Islamic History,” he writes in his blog. “We learn from history that the so called Moderate Majority is irrelevant. Majority of the Germans were moderates. The Nazis drove the agenda and killed 60 Million people. The majority stood irrelevant.”

In February 2018, Sharma was one of the leaders of the rightwing Hindu Ekta Manch that extensively campaigned in favor of people accused of raping and murdering an eight-year-old Muslim nomad girl in Kathua. Sharma even led the legal defense of one of the main accused, Sanji Ram.

In April 2018, during one Hindu Ekta Manch rally, he called on people not to sell land to MuslimsĀ or buy stuff from them.

“You also need to think and the first thing you must decide that you will not sell your lands to them. Secondly, each of those things that strengthen their community (Muslim Gujjars and Bakerwals), whether it is trade with them, or purchasing milk from them or selling them fodder,” he said.