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Arpit Gupta

Arpit Gupta

Affiliation: Bajrang Dal
Vocation/Title: Lawyer
Location: Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Arpit Gupta is an active member of the Hindu militant organization Bajrang Dal residing in Shahjahanabad, Uttar Pradesh. He currently practices law in the civil court of Shahjahanabad. Apart from his professional engagements, he regularly participates in Hindu extremist rallies and programs, where he delivers anti-Muslim speeches and promotes anti-minority violence.

In September 2023, Gupta shared a video clip featuring a speech by Ramesh Bidhuri, a member of the Indian Parliament, in which Bidhuri targeted Muslim legislator Danish Ansari with anti-Muslim slurs during a session of parliament. In a separate Facebook post, Gupta directed his ire at opposition politicians such as Assadudin Owaisi and Udhayanidhi Stalin, accusing them of “instigat[ing]” Hindus. He also dismissed the idea of secularism enshrined in the Indian Constitution as “fake.”

In August 2023, during a rally attended by thousands of people, Gupta delivered an anti-Muslim speech, falsely accusing Muslims of desecrating and disrespecting Hindu religious spaces. He asserted that historic Muslim structures like the Gyanvapi Mosque and Shahi Idgah Mosque in Varanasi and Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, belong to Hindus, insinuating potential violent action akin to the Babri Mosque demolition if those structures are not turned over to Hindus.

In October 2023, Gupta delivered another incendiary speech, urging Hindus to “follow the footsteps” of Nathuram Godse, Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin. 

His speech dismissed the nonviolent philosophy of Gandhi: “Do you remember Gandhi, everyone remembers Gandhi? Slap one cheek, turn the other too… To protect the sanctity of Hindutva, and to protect Hindus, you might have to hit someone, face legal consequences, and even have to leave your house. Be prepared! This is what a warrior does. Do or die.”

Gupta continued to make hateful statements, saying, “We want a Hindustan for Hindus… Today in 9 states of the country the Hindu population has dwindled. Jammu and Kashmir is empty of Hindus. And when I say Hindus, it means Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, and Hindu. Similarly, Sikkim, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura are empty of Hindus. They are infiltrating and killing in West Bengal, talking of making an Islamic nation in Kerala.”