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Chetna Sharma

Chetna Sharma

Affiliation: Akhand Bharat Morcha, Hindu Swabhiman
Vocation/ Title: Member & Zonal Commissioner, Akhand Bharat Morcha, Founder, Hindu Swabhiman
Categories: Hate Mongers, Most Dangerous
Location: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Chetna Sharma, a lawyer by profession, is the founder of Hindu militant organization Hindu  Swabhiman. She is also the zonal commissioner of the Hindu far-right organization Akhand Bharat Morcha. 

Sharma has been relentlessly propagating the hoax of love jihad in western Uttar Pradesh and seeks to expand the organization across India. 

She organises village panchayats (assemblies) in different parts of western Uttar Pradesh to spread anti-Muslim hate and bigotry.

These sister organizations ( Akhand Bharat Morcha and Hindu Swabhiman), of which Sharma is an active member, also organize weapon training camps wherein Hindu children (and adults)  are provided training and are brainwashed against Muslims.  Sharma says, in a documentary titled,  ‘The Wild West of Uttar Pradesh : Rise of the Radicalized Hindu Fringe’ that “there is no survival without fighting, children need to understand the situation.. we make them understand history and then train them..”

She goes door to door and asks parents to send their children to training camps. She says that she tells parents, “if you don’t send your children (to training camps) then they would lag behind in defending their religion against Muslims and they would be killed ( by Muslims) in a gruesome manner”.

In the documentary on rising Hindu extremism in western Uttar Pradesh, she could be seen explaining to a nine years old Hritik, “Muslims are luring away our girls, you have to learn how to use a sword to protect your sisters.”

Explaining the objectives of Hindu Swabhiman, her organization, Sharma says, “We are ideologically rooted in Gita (Hindu Scripture) and train our youths in arms (wand, spears, revolver, sword etc.) to defend against Jihadis (Muslims).”

Sharma vigorously employs social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to spread anti-Muslim propaganda. She claims to be on more than ten WhatsApp groups having millions of members.

Sharma’s Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims is quite ostensible. She says, “Islam is a problem. It is synonymous with terrorism”. Espousing the propaganda of ‘demographic change’ she says, “This is an existential battle for Hindus. By 2030, Muslims will be the majority community in India as they (Muslims) are busy multiplying, Hindus will be slaughtered on the streets”.

In an interview with the Times of India, she says, “I find no qualms in saying that  Narendra Modi has emerged as a weak Prime Minister for Hindutva…we wanted him to take action”. She goes on, “we shall not let Islamists take our country . On being asked whether there is no other way than militarisation, she says, ‘ they (Muslims) should come within the fold of Hinduism and start following our faith”.

About the Organisations

Akhand Bharat Morcha, the Hindu far-right organization, mentions on its websites about it’s main issues as follows:

  • Against sound polluting Azaan (Muslim call to prayer).
  • Against Namaaz (Muslim Prayer) in Open Spaces.
  • In support of Citizenship Amendment Act.
  • Protests against rapes in Madrasas(Muslim educational institutions).
  • Removal of fake Qabristaan (Muslim crematorium).

The website overloaded with anti-Muslim contents also openly sells weapons.

The Hindu Swabhiman, meaning Hindu Pride, a Hindu supremacist organization founded by Chetna Sharma under the patronage of Hindu extremist Yati Narsimhananda, runs on various  conspiracy theories of love jihad, property jihad, conversion jihad etc.

According to the ideology of the organisation as mentioned on website, it believes, India is under siege and the organisation seeks to free India of ‘Muslims invaders’ through elimination of Muslims by any means necessary.