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Dr. Kundan Chakrawat

Dr. Kundan Chakrawat

Affiliation: Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Vocation/Title: Prachar Prashar Pramukh ( Incharge of Publicity and Advertising)
Location: Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain

Dr. Kundan Chakrawat is a self-proclaimed Dalit nationalist thinker who currently serves as the Prachar Prasar Pramukh (in charge of publicity and advertising) for the Malwa region of the central state of Madhya Pradesh within the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a Hindu extremist organization.

Chakrawat holds a doctorate degree with a focus on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu supremacist paramilitary organization. He has actively participated in and organized rallies promoting anti-Muslim propaganda and has been associated with the Hindu extremist-nationalist ecosystem, particularly within the VHP, where he holds the role of Prachar Prasar Pramukh for the Malwa region.

In March 2017, Chakrawat delivered a provocative speech at an RSS event in the Malwa branch of Madhya Pradesh. During his speech, he glorified the massacre of 2000 Muslims in Gujarat as a response to the death of 56 Hindus in Godhra in a train fire, which was initially blamed on Muslims. This rhetoric revived memories of the 2002 Gujarat massacres, which occurred during Narendra Modi’s tenure as the state’s leader. Additionally, he openly declared a reward of one crore rupees for anyone who would assassinate Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

During Sikh-led farmer protests in February 2021, he took to Facebook Live to accuse the movement of being initiated and funded by “offshore Jihadis and Khalistanis” with the aim of maligning and undermining India.

In February 2021, he uploaded a video of a speech he delivered at a Mandir Nirman Samiti event, where he presented historically fabricated information about Muslim rulers like Akbar and Aurangzeb, alleging that they killed millions of Hindus and destroyed their religious places. He also used slurs when referring to Muslims.

In March 2021, Chakrawat again went live on his Facebook account, during which he labeled the entire Kashmiri Muslim community as terrorists and ISIS agents. In the video, he criticized the 70 years of Congress party rule, claiming they did not work in favor of Hindus and appeased minorities, especially Muslims.

In December 2021, during an event organized by the Bajrang Dal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Chakrawat delivered a speech that included anti-constitutional and communally charged language. He concluded his speech by declaring, “Only those who will speak in the interest of Hindus will rule the country.”

In April 2022, Chakrawat shared a Facebook post detailing communal clashes in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, where he referred to Muslims as “Kattarpanthi” (extremists) and incited Hindus to seek “revenge” through violent means.

During the same month, he posted a threatening message on his Facebook accounts, stating, “India will become Akhand Bharat within 15 years, whoever dares to disturb the course towards it shall vanish.” The term “Akhand Bharat” refers to a Hindu nationalist vision in which other South Asian states are merged into India, forming a superstate.

In May 2022, Chakrawat shared a Facebook post featuring an image of a Shivling (an abstract representation of the deity Shiva) and another image of Muslims performing their ritual washing before prayer. The post, rife with slurs, claimed that Muslims “pollute the water” where Shivlings are situated. The post was a reference to Hindu extremist claims that ablution fountains in historic mosques – namely, the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – are actually Shivlings and therefore “proof” that the mosques were once temples.

In April 2023, he shared a poster of the propaganda film “The Kerala Story,” commenting that India is “sitting on a bomb” due to Muslims, as referenced in the film’s narrative.

In July 2023, Chakrawat uploaded a video on his Facebook account in which he referred to Muslims as “Jihadis,” and accused them of attacking and contaminating Hindu religious processions. Furthermore, he urged Hindu attendees to unite against Muslims, claiming that they would not hesitate to harm Hindus.

In August 2023, Chakrawat delivered a speech warning Muslims that Hindus would not tolerate any perceived advances by Muslims toward Hindu women, commerce, or temples. He also encouraged Hindus to procure at least two licensed guns.

Similarly, in another speech uploaded on his Facebook page in August 2023, he threatened that Hindus would “tear [Muslims’] chests apart” if they hinder the formation of a Hindu nation.

In August 2023, Chakrawat disseminated false information about an outbreak of Hindu mob-led violence in Haryana, accusing Muslims of killing large numbers of Hindus, raping Hindu women, and destroying Hindu-owned propertly. He called upon Hindus from all strata of society to unite against these perceived threats.

During the same month, he used his social media platform to express support for two individuals, Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi, who were implicated in anti-Muslim violence in Haryana. Chakrawat alleged that these individuals were wrongly targeted for crimes committed by Muslim perpetrators. Both Manesar and Bajrangi were arrested in the aftermath of the violence and have multiple cases pending against them in different parts of the country.

In September 2023, Chakrawat propagated conspiracy theories such as Love Jihad and Demographic Change. He falsely claimed that Muslims had taken Hindu women hostage, triggering the violence in Haryana.