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Elvish Yadav

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/Title: Youtuber and Social Media Influencer
Location: Gurugram, Haryana

Siddharth Yadav, popularly known as Elvish Yadav, is a prominent Hindu supremacist YouTuber and social media influencer from Gurugram, Haryana. He maintains two popular YouTube channels where he posts videos containing anti-Muslim disinformation, conspiracy theories, hate speech, and Hindu supremacist rhetoric. With over fifteen million subscribers on YouTube and massive followings on Facebook, X, and Instagram, Yadav has become an internet celebrity, hailed as a ‘Hindu Sher’ (Hindu lion) among Hindu supremacist circles for “roasting” liberal voices. 

Using his massive platform, Yadav spreads anti-Muslim sentiments by promoting conspiracy theories and propaganda aligned with Hindu right-wing ideologies. He frequently uses terms like “Love jihad,” cow vigilantism, demographic change, Islamic jihad, and “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu nation) in his videos and texts to promote anti-Muslim and Islamophobic narratives. On social media, he routinely uses hashtags like #HinduLivesMatter and #HindusUnderAttackInIndia. He also refers to Muslims as a community filled with an “enormous amount of hate inside,” claims that Muslims carry out bomb blasts for fun, and commit terrorist activities as a vocation.

Yadav is known for harassing activists who speak out against Hindu extremism. In October 2021, he posted on X that Muslim activist Sharjeel Usmani was “no less than a terrorist,” adding that Usmani’s beliefs would lead him to meet “seventy-two virgins.”

In October 2021, actress and human rights activist Swara Bhaskar filed a criminal complaint against Yadav for cyberbullying under sections 509 (insulting the modesty of a woman), 67 (punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form), and 354D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code. Swara Bhaskar has been an advocate for minority rights and has spoken out against discrimination faced by minorities, especially Muslims, in India, particularly under the BJP’s Hindu nationalist regime.

In February 2022, Yadav mocked Muslim women protesting Karnataka state’s ban on hijabs in schools, posting a picture of himself covering his head with a hoodie with the hashtag #HijabisOurRight. 

Yadav advocates the idea of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ( Hindu nation)  for India and is an unapologetic Islamophobe. He tweeted on March 14, 2022, “ Islam Ke Bare Me Sach Bolke Islamophobia Fela Deta Hu.” (I spread Islamophobia by speaking the truth about Islam.)

Yadav openly advocates for the idea of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Hindu nation) for India and is unapologetically Islamophobic. In March 2022, he tweeted that he spreads Islamophobia by “speaking the truth about Islam.”

Claiming to review the film The Kerala Story, Yadav, on his vlog channel, uploaded a video on March 15, 2022, an Islamophobic and anti-Muslim diatribe filled with propaganda and misinformation. He accused Muslims of brainwashing their children in Madrassas (traditional institutes of Islamic learning) to spread ‘Islamic terrorism.’ He also resorted to peddling the hoax of demographic change and that Hindus are safe as long as Muslims are in the minority. He added that Hindus would have to hide in bunkers the day Muslims surpass the Hindu population.

On March 15, 2022, Yadav uploaded an Islamophobic and anti-Muslim diatribe on his vlog channel while claiming to review the film ‘The Kerala Story.’ In this video, he accused Muslims of brainwashing their children in Madrasas and peddled the ‘demographic change’ conspiracy theory, suggesting that Hindus would need to hide in bunkers if Muslims became the majority.

In June 2022, Yadav, who supports the bulldozing of Muslim-owned homes and businesses as collective punishment, mocked Aafreen Fatima, a Muslim female activist whose home was demolished by the Uttar Pradesh government. In a tweet after the demolition, he wrote, “Aafreen Fatima literally standing now,” with the hashtag #StandWithAfreenFatima.

Yadav also mocked actress Swara Bhaskar’s marriage to a Muslim politician, implying concerns about “love jihad.”

Following the release of a video by YouTuber Dhruv Rathi titled ‘Reality of the Kerala Story’ in May 2023, which debunked the anti-Muslim propaganda in the film ‘The Kerala Story,’ Yadav accused Rathi of ‘Hinduphobia’ and bias towards Muslims.