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Gopal Nagarakatte

Gopal Nagarakatte

Affiliation: Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Vocation/Title: National Joint Secretary
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Gopal Nagarkatte is an Indian political figure who serves as the Joint National Secretary for the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which he has been affiliated with for over two decades. Nagarkatte is known for his extremist views and anti-Muslim stance, which he propagates through his influential position within the VHP. He played a crucial role in the 1990s in the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement of the VHP, which led to the demolition of the historical Babri mosque by the Hindu mob in 1992.

In various public appearances, including rallies and demonstrations, Nagarkatte has consistently espoused anti-Muslim sentiments, often resorting to inflammatory rhetoric and conspiracy theories. His speeches frequently involve calls for Hindus to unite against perceived threats from the Muslim community. Notably, Nagarkatte has been active on social media, using platforms such as Twitter to spread anti-Muslim propaganda under hashtags such as #savehindugirls, #justice4hindugirl, and #hindukhatreme.

During his tenure as the head of the VHP in Karnataka, Nagarkatte actively opposed the Karnataka government’s attempts to ban superstitious practices prevalent in Hindu communities. He publicly criticized such initiatives, accusing the government of being anti-Hindu and aiming to undermine traditional cultural practices under the guise of banning superstitions.

In 2018, prior to the state assembly election, Nagarkatte called upon Hindus to vote exclusively for Hindu candidates. He emphasized the need for a “pro-Hindu government” and criticized the incumbent Congress government for allegedly being “anti-Hindu.”

In September 2022, he shared an X post that referred to Muslims as “Jihadis” who “trap” Hindu women in order to convert them to Islam and diminish the Hindu population. 

In October 2022, Nagarkatte openly boasted of his involvement in the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, highlighting his role in mobilizing karsevaks (footsoldiers) from his locality to participate in the demolition.

In August 2023, at the Akhand Bharat Sankalpana Divas event organized by the VHP in Ayodhya, Nagarkatte delivered a speech urging attendees to arm themselves for self-defense against perceived threats from Muslims and Christians. He also issued threats of violence against these communities if they obstructed the VHP’s agenda of establishing a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation).

Nagarkatte frequently appears on local news channels and public programs as a right-wing thinker, using these platforms to stoke fear and animosity against minorities. During one such event in Udupi, Karnataka, he was caught promoting anti-Muslim propaganda and conspiracy theories to vilify Muslims.