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Ishkaran Singh Bhandari

Ishkaran Singh Bhandari

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Lawyer
Location: Delhi

Ishkaran Singh Bhandari is a lawyer by profession. He regularly writes columns, appears on television programs, and makes videos for YouTube, that promote the divisive agenda of the Hindu far-right.

His professional life as a lawyer is marked by similar attempts to legitimize the Hindu nationalist narrative within the existing legal jurisprudence in the country. He has appeared in court defending the rape convicts like Asaram Babu.

Bhandari was at the forefront of the digital campaign that claimed to seek justice for Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

He molded and used the issue of an actor’s suicide to target the film Industry. Under the garb of demanding justice for the late actor, he organized attacks on Bollywood for not bowing down before the propaganda machinery of the Hindu nationalists and the BJP.

When Kalicharan Maharaj, a top hate-monger, was arrested for his venomous hate speech, Bhandari termed it as ‘an attack on free speech.’ This is how he contributes to normalizing hatred, bigotry, and misinformation.

He is a legal associate with Subramanian Swamy, the notorious anti-Muslim and Islamophobic leader of the BJP.

He is a fanboy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and justifies his actions and policies simply by blaming the critics for conspiring to ‘break India.’

When the Adani scam busted the crony capitalist nexus between PM Modi and Gautam Adani, he left no stone unturned in proving that the scam was an attempt to bring disrepute to Modi and India. He declared that George Soros and others have hatched an international conspiracy to ‘declare a war on Modi.’

He supported the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)┬áby declaring the protest against the law as ‘an attack on India.’ He also posted a fake picture of injured policemen to discredit the demand of Muslims to scrap the draconian legislation.

Bhandari believes that the population of India is soaring because of Muslims, and thus a population control bill is imperative to check it.

Similarly, he mocked the demand of Muslim women to wear hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka by stating that Muslim women wear hijab due to ‘societal pressure.’

He supported the propaganda film The Kerala Story and celebrated its success at the box office by uploading multiple videos on his YouTube channel. The Kerala Story is accused of misrepresenting facts and data to vilify Muslims.

He routinely targets non-BJP politicians and public figures through his YouTube videos and pitches the Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) narrative.

His Twitter account is a continuous source of misinformation and propaganda against Muslims. He was audacious enough to meet the Union Home Minister demanding protection for ‘nationalist’ accounts on social media and complained about discriminatory and unfair practices” by Twitter, which he said were a “threat to national security.”