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J Sai Deepak

J Sai Deepak

Affiliation: Indic Collective Trust (https://www.indiccollective.org/)
Vocation/ Title: Lawyer, Author, and Public Speaker
Location: Delhi

J Sai Deepak is an engineer-turned-litigator, author, and public speaker from Hyderabad, Telangana. Deepak holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, Tamil Nadu, and a law degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal.

He has built an image of a Hindu rightwing ‘intellectual’ through his oratory skills and apparently ‘erudite’ insight into the subjects that interest many Hindus. Snippets from his talks and lectures, which occur very frequently, make rounds on the internet, reminding Hindus of the long overdue “Indic Renaissance,” the idea that he hypes wherever he can.

Deepak is also an author. He regularly writes columns in various newspapers and portals and has also penned two books titled “India, that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution’ and ‘India Bharat and Pakistan: The Constitutional Journey of  A Sandwiched Civilisation.”

Deepak imagines himself as someone above the ‘petty’ Hindutva ecosystem that merely deals with the supposed threats in surficial and piecemeal manners.

The idea of nationalism that he throws seeks to establish a Hindu civilizational dominance on the Indian Subcontinent, and to bring about this transformation, Deepak shows the path of “societal Hindutva”- that is by percolating the Hindu consciousness among Hindus at every level.

Deepak wants the constitution to remain but reimagined and reinterpreted and history to be revisited to exploit these ‘resources’ to help achieve the objective of the total overhaul that he aspires for. Deepak’s project of Indic Renaissance necessarily and primarily involves the metamorphosis of the nature of India and its popular imagination.

His books encompass these ideas of the exclusionary transformation of India and contain explicit overtones that reek of his deep-seated Islamophobia and entrenched anti-Muslim hatred.

Deepak has been asserting India is undergoing a clash of civilizations and that contemporary time is the time of Khilafat 2.0. He suggests that mere words and ideas are not enough and war in the real sense of the term is indispensable for the Hindus to save their culture and religion.

He openly endorses hate-mongering and violence against minorities. According to Deepak, people like T  Raja Singh should be respected to the core because the Hindu community requires people like him.

He keeps harping about the benevolence of the Hindu majority in India and how they (Hindus) have been tolerant and patient for centuries. He proclaims that the time has come to say enough is enough and to relegate Muslims and Christians to their right place.

He laments that Hindus have lacked heavily in producing enough ‘hardliners’ who could stick to the Hindu supremacist ideology.

“Hinduism is not a pacifist religion. It is not a religion of cowards. Revival of the shastra (weapon) spirit is critical is hundred percent critical. If you constantly think of it as a dirty job then all you’re going to be left with is a small island surrounded by a gutter. do not use the Gita to teach pacifism to your kids teach the Gita to teach shastra (weapon) to your kids,” said Deepak while openly asking Hindus to militarise themselves.

He referred to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protesters as stone pelters and anti-nationals who, according to him, conspired to capture streets and overpower India. Similarly vicious are his views on minority rights; for example, regarding the Hijab controversy in Karnataka, he said that there should be no tolerance for such kinds of demands and Hijab can not be allowed in secular state-run educational institutions.

He tends to question the patriotism of Indian Muslims now and then. According to Deepak, Muslims who stayed back in India and did not move to Pakistan after the partition of the country in 1947 were inspired by their love for ‘Mughalistan’ (a dream to re-establish Muslim rule in India) and they had no sense of attachment with the Indian soil.

He is also a caste chauvinist and flaunts his Tamil Brahman roots. Like the inhumane Hindu caste system, he justifies social evils and discriminatory practices among Hindus.

Deepak often registers his disappointment with the Modi government concerning the latter’s modus operandi. He feels that Hindus have not voted the  Bharatiya Janata Party for development but to protect Hindus from Muslims and Christians.

He regularly does fear-mongering among Hindus to stir their sentiments against the most immediate and palpable enemies- Muslims and Christians.