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Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey Armstrong

Affiliation: Vedic Academy of Science and Arts
Vocation/ Title: Scholar and Author
Location: Canada, Vancouver

Jeffry Armstrong, aka Kavindra Rishi, is a Canadian Vedic scholar, author, and poet who advocates the idea of a ‘Hindu renaissance’ on the principles of Vedic Hindu Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). To promote his divisive agenda of Hindu supremacy, he founded the Vedic Academy of Science and Arts in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Armstrong relentlessly propagates the Hindu nationalist (Hindutva) ideology. Flying in the face of facts, he says in an interview, “Hindutva was a term for the people who were trying to get the colonizers off their country (India).”

According to him, the expression “Hindutva’ has been vilified and weaponized by those who fear Hindu culture’s innate potential to overawe them.”

Armstrong participated in the ‘I am Hindutva campaign’ of the ‘Festival of Bharat,’ a Hindu right-wing Youtube channel, by uploading a video reiterating his commitment to the Hindu extremist ideology.

He proudly associates himself with the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu militant organization, reiterating in a video, “I am RSS too.”

According to Armstrong, India’s only original culture is ‘Hindu culture’; all other religions, especially Islam and Christianity, are non-indigenous. He claims Islam didn’t come to India in a friendly manner, “they came in as rapists and took slaves and Christianity the same way.”

In his program, ‘East meets West, ‘ he regularly denigrates the Abrahamic religions by calling them based on ‘blind faith and a small amount of knowledge.’ In a video titled, ‘Christianity & Islam rely on blind faith; Hinduism the opposite,’ he said that certain religions promote ‘violent culture’ while a picture of Osama Bin Laden appears on the screen, suggesting Islam is a culturally violent religion.

According to Armstrong, Hinduism and India, both have been appropriated and “destroyed by colonizers and Muslim invaders” for their benefit.

In another video, he showers praises on Hindu nationalist Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi by referring to him as a ‘Vedic ideal’ of a noble leader of very high character. He adds, “Modi is the first Hndutva leader in a thousand years, and he is playing a long game as he is well aware of the unfolding Hindu renaissance .”