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Kajal Ben Singhala

Kajal Ben Singhala aka Kajal Hindustani

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Far-right Hindu Activist
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Gujarat, India

Kajal Singhala aka Kajal Hindutani is a far-right Hindu activist from Gujarat. She regularly attends public gatherings of hate and genocide mongers in different parts of the country and makes inflammatory Islamophobic speeches aimed at promoting enmity between communities.

Through her public talks, she openly calls for violence against Muslims and aggressively enjoins Hindus to boycott Muslims socially and economically.

“Iss Suleimani kide ke liye ek ram baan ilaaj bhi hai [for this (Islamic) parasite, there is also a (Hindu) treatment]”. And that is the economic boycott of the Muslims,” Kajal said at the ‘Hindu Janakrosh Morcha’ rally in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

She believes that “Non-violence is a delusion. It is a trap by our enemies.” She openly incites Hindus to take up arms against Muslims because this is the ‘era of Hindus’ and Hindus need not fear anymore.

In October 2021 she called for the demolition of certain Islamic structures including Mosques and Dargahs ( shrines) at Morbi in Gujarat. She said, “I will get the bulldozer and I will pay for it. If people are standing with me, I will do it. Tell me when should we do this?”

Besides peddling the conspiracy theories of ‘love jihad’ and ‘land jihad’  she yearns to transform India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Nation).

Her youtube channel has several such venomous speeches that openly demean and threaten Muslims. In one of her speeches, advocating the Hindu nationalist ideology of Hindutva,  she says, “ Hindu hun to Hindutva ki hi baat karungi na”. [ I am a Hindu so I will naturally talk of Hindutva.]

She prescribes an ‘Israel-like solution’ for Muslims in India by saying, “log kahte hain hain ki har Musalman aesa nahi hota lekin hum ek kalam kelie ninniyanwe Afzal ko kaese chor de, agar hum Inka jawab Israel ki tarah denge to hi hum ye jang jeetenge”. [ People say that not every Muslim is a jihadi, but how can we spare ninety-nine Afzal Gurus for one Abdul Kalam. the only way out to win against them is to treat them in the manner as Israel is dealing with them (Palestinians)].” She went on to declare that Muslims are traitors in every capacity be it the Vice President of India like Hamid Ansari or a University student like Umar Khalid.

Kajal usually banks on pseudohistory and self-invented anecdotes to corroborate her anti-Muslim hate narrative and propaganda. She instills fear among Hindus through shouts of the supposed clarion call of “Hindus are in danger”, and peddles the great replacement conspiracy theory that Muslims are on a concerted mission to take over India by 2047 and transform it into an Islamic nation.

She once claimed that Muslim vegetable vendors, who she referred to as ‘jihadis” inject chemicals into fruits and vegetables to render Hindus incapable of bearing children.

She said “ My Hindu sisters, to save 10 rupees, buy vegetables and fruit from Jihadis but do you know what they do? They inject them with medicines to make men impotent. When they see some newlywed couple entering their restaurant, they mix this medicine in their food. In your family, there must be one couple who cannot have children for 4-5 years despite trying. This has happened only in the last 5 years…they are conspiring to destroy your generation.”

During a rally organised by a collective of  Hindu far-right organisations, Sakal Hindu Samaj in March 2023 in Mumbai, Kajal prescribed the ‘panacea’ of the ‘economic boycott’ of Muslims for dealing with the situation of supposed ‘Islamic aggression’ by saying: “There are three major aspects of Islamic aggression. First is love jihad, second is land jihad and finally, there is the problem of conversion…”

She further alleged that “for these three there is a Ram-led ( God ordained) solution, a solution for which you will not be stopped by the political leaders, the Supreme Court or even the media and that solution is their (Muslims’) economic boycott.”

The rally was attended by leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, including MLA Nitesh Rane and members of Hindu extremist outfits such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. It was flagged off by Mira Bhayandar’s Independent MLA Geeta Jain, according to a report of Scroll. in.

Her social media feeds provide a glossary of her hate-filled activities against Muslims and other minorities.