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M Vinodh Kumar

M Vinodh Kumar

Affiliation: String Reveals
Vocation/ Title: Social media influencer
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

M Vinodh Kumar runs String Reveals, a YouTube channel known for spreading Hindu extremist propaganda and anti-Muslim hate and bigotry. Kumar is a National Institute of Technology graduate from Warangal, Telangana, and works for Akartha Studio as VFX and video editor.

Kumar is a devotee of the controversial spiritual guru, Sadhguru, and calls himself a ‘seeker of spirituality.’ He believes that Spirituality is the only way to realize the dream of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Hindu nation). Numerous videos on his channel fit squarely for Hindu extremism, Islamophobia, and hate-mongering against Muslims and other minorities.

His videos cash on anti-Muslim conspiracy theories combined with Hindu extremist propaganda and big lies wrapped inside the cover of fake stats, fictitious figures, and reports.

In 2022, he spewed venom against the pro-Hijab protestors and asserted that the pro-Hijab protests were ‘planned events’ receiving foreign funding and ‘while Hindus are sleeping in their homes.’

He questioned Muslim girls’ choice to wear hijab by asking, “Do you wear it for the sake of love (for your religion) or love jihad ?”

“What are you planning to do inside the burqa?”

In another video, “Madrasa Mushrooms,” he falsely claimed that most Indian madrassas are built by demolishing Hindu temples. He added that the traditional institutes of Islamic learning are the “hotbed of anti-national activities” and that Islamic flags are hoisted atop their buildings.

Supporting the controversial madrassa survey conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government, he claimed that madrassas harbor illegal immigrants and anti-nationals and provide easy access to neighboring enemies into India.

He believes Islamophobia is a hoax, and there is no such anti-Muslim atmosphere in India as it is portrayed.

In a video report, he compared a Muslim journalist to “termites”: “People like Arfa Khanam Sherwani are like termites; they eat the country from the inside.”

“The supporters of Shaheen Bagh (referring to the 2019-20 anti-CAA protest led by Muslim women in Delhi), ‘tukde-tukde gang’ and all those who want to break the country is no wonder labeled by people as anti-nationals,” he added.

In an episode titled “How to destroy anti-nationals,” he played the typical Hindu victim card by reminding viewers of how Muslims and other foreign invaders have suppressed Hindus. He added that Hindus are the victims in India and that they do not need to feel sorry for the Muslim predicament, and said that ideally, they (Muslims and Christians) owe an apology to the Hindus.

Kumar is an ardent supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). After a New York-based investor Hindenburg Research accused Adani of stock manipulation and accounting fraud, he cooked up numerous botched-up conspiracy theories to back Modi and his Industrialist friend Gautam Adani.

Kumar floated several baseless claims in multiple videos, including the claim that American billionaire George Soros, environmental activist Greta Thunberg and pop singer Rihanna, along with Indian journalists and fact-checking agencies, are pushing forth an anti-India agenda from foreign outposts to break India. He even presented his findings on the supposed ‘money trail’ that reaches India and toolkits used in anti-national activities in the country.

In multiple videos, he claimed that an international conspiracy was being hatched to destabilize the Modi regime, which he termed a ‘conspiracy against India.’

In another report in May 2023 titled, “India without BJP,”  he accused that they have been planning to paint India green or blue (implying that Muslims and Christians are striving to transform India into an Islamic and Christian nation, respectively).

He peddled the fiction that Muslims orchestrate riots, plant illegal immigrants as fruit vendors do ‘love jihad,’ and perform forceful conversion of Hindus to increase their number, overpower India, and make it an Islamic state. At the end of the video, he warns, ” A war is coming, are we (Hindus) equipped? If we do not support the BJP, there is a civil war at our doorstep. Wake up and share this with all; a war is coming.”