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Major(Retired) Saras Tripathi

Major(Retired) Saras Tripathi

Affiliation: Pragya Matth Publications
Vocation/ Title: Indian Army Veteran, Author and Publisher
Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Major (Retired) Saras Tripathi is a former Indian Army officer who currently heads a publishing house, Pragya Matth Publications offering a platform to Hindu nationalist authors. Embracing the label of a staunch nationalist himself, Tripathi fervently advocates the concept of a Hindu nation and promotes anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and propaganda.

Tripathi has also authored two books: “Silent Constitution; Dangerous Consequences” and “Holy Sinners; Search of Kashmir,” both published by his publishing house.

Tripathi has been known to make appearances on Hindu extremist platforms, where he denounces the Indian Constitution and fervently expounds on the idea of transforming the nation’s secular political landscape into an exclusive Hindu state.

He regularly peddles the falsehood about the “exponential growth” of the Muslim population in India. Based on this fake premise, he presents a hypothetical demographic change, suggesting that the Muslim population will eventually surpass Hindus. He indulges in fear-mongering by falsely claiming that if India’s Muslim population reaches thirty percent, it will lead to the creation of another Pakistan, urging Hindus to address this perceived threat at any cost.

In January 2023, during a book launch event in New Delhi, Tripathi made alarming remarks to a journalist, insinuating that Muslims harbored aspirations of transforming India into an Islamic State. He further claimed that the ongoing insurgency and militancy in Kashmir were merely small pieces in a grand scheme orchestrated by Muslims to wrest control of the entire Indian state.

Tripathi attended the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (Global Hindu Nation Celebration) organized by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, a Hindu extremist organization that seeks to make India a Hindu Nation. In his address on day three of the seminar on June 18, 2023,  he advocated the idea of scrapping the Constitution of India and, along with it, also demanded that constitutionally guaranteed protection to religious minorities must also be abrogated.

“So as long as these fundamental rights are there, oppression and immorality will continue in the country. Hindus are being discriminated against by increasing the importance of minorities in the Constitution. Minorities are given special privileges. If the government defines the term ‘minority’ all the problems will disappear. The Constitution is divisive, it has cleaved our people [Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists] and called them minorities, even though they shed their blood to safeguard our culture. Therefore, Hindu Rashtra is necessary to preserve Hinduism,” he said.

“This Constitution is like termites, it divides us ( Hindus) and promotes minoritism. My suggestion would be to scrap it altogether. We shall replace this Constitution as soon as we get power and opportunity,” he added,

Unapologetically, he declared on Twitter on July 6, 2023, that India would soon be a Hindu nation, following a Hindu Jan Jagruti Samiti function in Patna, Bihar, where the concept of a Hindu Rashtra was thoroughly discussed.