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Mohit alias Monu ‘Manesar’

Affiliation: Bajrang Dal, Cow Protection Task Force
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Haryana, India

Mohit aka Monu Manesar is a Hindu militant vigilante based in Manesar, Haryana. He is a self-proclaimed ‘gau rakshak’ ( cow protector) who runs a parallel medium of law enforcement under the guise of checking the alleged cow smuggling in the state.

Armed with guns and revolvers, he along with other Hindu militants, roam around on the highways passing through the state of Haryana, patrolling, chasing, and firing gunshots at suspected vehicles carrying livestock.

His Facebook account and YouTube channel have overwhelming visual content showing violence and open displays of arms. His catchline reads, ‘jab tak todenge nahi tab tak chodenge nahi’ (we won’t leave until we break you).

“The Constitution of India has tied our hands otherwise we are literal beasts,” his Facebook feed reads.

He has actively participated in many bovine-related mob lynchings of Muslims while the police looked the other way. His praises for the Haryana state police’s cooperation with him in his hate and violence-filled campaign of cow protection tells the story of their clandestine relationship.

Regarding the hoax of  ‘love jihad’ he says, “whoever shall commit love jihad we and our team shall finish them, openly, we don’t fear incarceration, we have ample support’ (from the administration).”

His violence and vigilantism operate with complete impunity under the full support and patronage of the political dispensation. In July 2022, Mohit was among the organizers of a panchayat at a temple in Manesar that had called for an “economic boycott of Muslim shopkeepers and vendors” in the area.

In Feb 2023, Mohit and his gang brutally thrashed Waris, a 22 years old (Muslim) mechanic in Nuh, Haryana, under the pretext of cattle smuggling.  Waris was handed over to the police in a vegetative condition, he later died at a hospital. Police said it was a road accident while the video of his lynching circulated on social media platforms. Waris’s family alleges Mohit and his fellow militants of killing him.

On February 16, a family alleged Mohit and his gang of kidnapping, killing, and burning the bodies of two Muslim men over cow smuggling allegations.