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Neelam Singh

Neelam Singh aka The Skin Doctor

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Dermatologist and social media influencer
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Chattisgarh, India

Neelam Singh alias The Skin Doctor is a dermatologist by degree and a prominent Hindu far-right influencer, and a propagandist by profession. With a following of more than 600k on Twitter, Singh has relentlessly been injecting anti-Muslim polemics into the national discourse, which swiftly disseminates across the Hindu nationalist ecosystem through tweets and retweets. Earlier, he served as a Major in the Indian Army.

Like any other propagandist, Singh rides on the bandwagon of hatred and bigotry through misinformation, disinformation, and fake news.

Singh, however, started his journey with a fake identity and fake social media accounts. He used to be a disguised social media troll and ran a fake Twitter account with a Muslim name-Neelofar Khan.

His YouTube videos and tweets are unmistakably anti-Muslim – often mocking and enjoying the predicament of the Muslim community in present-day India. There are around thirty-four videos on his youtube channel, and almost all of them revolve around issues concerning Muslims. Needless to say, the baseless assertions, biased conclusions, and vile suggestions he provides in the videos have millions of views.

Although, in his videos and social media posts, he tries his best to play it safe and appear as a well-informed and truth-loving person who makes videos and writes posts on relevant issues, trying to put out an objective analysis on matters backed by adequate sources. However, beneath the skin, this skin doctor is nothing but a seemingly sophisticated hate monger, a deep-seated Islamophobe, and a  staunch Hindu supremacist. Just by peeling off that skin of sophisticated jargon and calm demeanor, one can find a typical ‘Hindutva enthusiast’ devoted to the cause of demonizing religious minorities.

A cursory look at his youtube video outputs and venomous Twitter posts would indicate a lot about his Muslim-phobic mentality, and an analysis of the contents would further cement his hate-mongering and Islamophobic credentials.

His Twitter account has been suspended more than once, but despite these hurdles, Singh continues on his hate-filled adventures.

Many videos on his YouTube channel address the hoax of ‘love jihad,’ seeking to legitimize the anti-Muslim conspiracy theory. In these videos, he presents a list of supposed ‘love jihad’ cases and draws a pattern by falsely claiming that there are thousands of such cases where Muslim men “hide their identity and are implicating poor Hindu girls in marriage under the pretext of love to convert their religion.”

Another slew of videos concerns the ‘hijab issue’ in which he similarly declares that the entire protest for the right to wear hijab that happened in Karnataka in response to the government’s notification that banned the hijab in government educational institutions in the state was a planned conspiracy of the Popular Front of India (PFI)- a Muslim organization that critics say was banned by the government for its activism.

In another video, his Islamophobia comes to the fore when he declares Islam to be the most intolerant of all four religions he mentions in the video.

In a video titled, “ Are urban Hindus turning intolerant?”, he justified Hindu extremism and intolerance by the Hindu urban populace by claiming that they (urban Hindus) have become aware and caring about their religion and culture.

His Twitter handle and Facebook posts are a constant source of hate and fear-mongering. Through his social media posts, he sadistically posts satirical posts and ridicules the deteriorating socio-political condition of Muslims in India.

His vulturous attitude to the suffering of Muslims in the country has earned him popularity, coupled with the assured impunity that every anti-Muslim hate-monger enjoys under the present political dispensation.