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Neeraj Doneria

Neeraj Doneria

Affiliation: Bajrang Dal
Vocation/ Title: National Convener
Location: Delhi

Neeraj Doneria is a Hindu extremist leader and national convener of Bajrang Dal, a Hindu militant organization. He has been associated with Vishwa Hindu Prashad (VHP) and is infamous for his inflammatory speeches and controversial statements.

Doneria is a Hindu Rashtra (nation) enthusiast with no regard for the secular constitution of India. According to Doneria, “Hindu interest is the national interest. Hence the honor of Hindutva and Hindu interests should be protected at all costs.”

Typical of his ilk, he promotes anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and peddles Islamophobic propaganda on an enormous scale. He believes that Muslims are conspiring to transform the country’s “demography and transform it into an Islamic nation.”

He openly demands that Muslims to subjected to compulsory vasectomy to stop the alarming rise in their population.

“If any government wants the welfare of Muslims, then instead of reservation, it should make their sterilization mandatory so that “small family remains a happy family. Otherwise, make population control law,” he tweeted,

Doneria believes India belongs to Hindus and Muslims should vacate the country.

He vehemently supports cow vigilantism and brags about saving the lives of millions of cows. The propagation of the hoax of ‘Love Jihad’ is one of his favorite preoccupations. He organizes and attends programs where anti-Muslim speeches and calls for Muslim boycotts and genocide are openly given.