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Preet Singh

Preet Singh

Affiliation: Save India Foundation (SIF)
Vocation/ Title: Founder and president of Save India Foundation (SIF)
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Delhi

Preet Singh is a Hindu extremist leader from New Delhi. He founded a Hindu supremacist organization called Save India Foundation (SIF), which organizes anti-Muslim rallies and genocidal campaigns under the guise of Hindu Mahapanchayats (Hindu Religious Parliament).

Two major on-ground events organized by SIF were ‘Bharat Jodi Aandolan’, an anti-Muslim hate speech event that was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, in August 2021, and another one, a Hindu Mahapanchayat (Hindu Religious Parliament) in Burari, New Delhi in Apri 2022.

Both events witnessed anti-Muslim sloganeering, hate speeches, calls for Muslim genocide, and incitement to violence and were attended by prominent hate and genocide mongers like Yati Narsinghananda Saraswati.

A few samples of the slogans raised at the event would give an insight into the level of hatred and bigotry that the attendees had in their hearts:

“Hindustan mein rehna hoga toh ‘Jai Shree Ram’ kehna hoga”.

(if you want to live in India, you must chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’).

“Jab Mulle kaate jayenge to Ram Ram Chillaenge.”

(Muslims will be slaughtered, and they will shout ‘Jai Shree Ram’).

After the event, many cases were registered against the organizers, including Preet Singh, under sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups) and 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code, apart from section 51 of Disaster Management Act for violation of Covid-19 guidelines.

Singh was later arrested for organizing the event. Four other persons — Deepak Singh (president of outfit Hindu Force), Vinod Sharma (member of a body called Sudarshan Vahini), and individuals Deepak (one name only) and Vineet Kranti —  were also arrested,

However, the Delhi High Court released Preet Singh and the other accused on bail a month later.

In addition to organizing such genocidal programs, Singh aggressively campaigns against religious minorities in the region.

He has serious objections to the terminology ‘minority’ itself. He has demanded that the expression ‘minority’ should be done away with legally and constitutionally.

“There is no Minority in India in the International sense of the term.” writes Singh on his Twitter account. There are a series of anti-minority tweets on his Twitter wall.

Similar are his views on religious conversions. Singh feels that Muslims and Christians are purposefully and under a secret mission converting Hindus to Islam and Christianity. He demands a strict law to stop inter-religious conversions in the country altogether.

“How many Hindus have read and understood the Bible or Quran to change their religion? If a Hindu adopts Islam or Christianity, then he should be influenced by the Quran and Bible or not. but it’s not like that! Hindus are being trapped into Christianity and Islam through greed or by deceit and force,” Singh tweeted ( translated from Hindi).

Justifying the violence that occurs in India during Hindu Festivals, Singh emboldens Hindus by saying:

“Hindus! There is no question of being apologetic.

The ‘mob system’ can be intimidated only by a larger crowd.

If they (Muslims) say that DJs ( loudspeakers) are being played in front of us, then you (Hindus) should say why you play the loudspeaker five times ( referring to Muslim calls to prayer).

If they say they climbed the wall of the mosque, then you say your whole mosque is built over Hindu temples.”

His overwhelming desire to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra (nation) is exhibited by repeated Dharmsansads (religious parliaments) and anti-Muslim rallies and campaigns that have been organized under the banner of SIF.