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Rahul Roushan

Rahul Roushan

Affiliation: OpIndia
Vocation/ Title: Chief Executive Officer of OpIndia
Location: Delhi

Rahul Roushan is an entrepreneur and blogger with a firm commitment to the idea of Hindu Nationalism and currently heads the Hindu far-right propaganda outlet OpIndia. He has previously worked with Swarajya and founded Faking News.

Roushan, a caste chauvinist (Bhumihar Brahman from Bihar), calls himself an ‘expert on nothing,’ which is not squarely true as he is a prodigy when it comes to spreading fake news and anti-Muslim propaganda.

He is an unapologetic Sanghi (Hindu Supremacist), to the extent that  he even named his autobiography “Sanghi Who Never Went To A Shakha.”

In his book, he pens down the story of his metamorphosis into an archetypal Hindu victim.  He writes that he has hallucinations of being attacked by Muslims and Naxals without reason so frequently that he grew paranoid.

“I personally am almost paranoid about the future of Hindus. I think that the Hostile and Condescending groups together account for at least 30% of the Indian population; this can turn into a tipping point quite soon. Furthermore, as I have mentioned at one place in this book, I see eerie similarities between what’s happening now and what had happened in the few decades leading to the Partition of India. I see history repeating itself unless Hindus wake up,” he writes.

“I feel that Hindus are nicely being fed and fattened for the ceremonial slaughter—that’s how paranoid I am right now. Any attempt to wake them up and show them the civilizational dangers is ironically termed ‘attempts to distract from the real issues,’” he adds.

Roushan has been indicted repeatedly for spreading fake news, propaganda, and anti-minority hatred.

Multiple complaints have been filed against him for the fake reporting on the Telinipara (West Bengal) communal riots of 2020 that witnessed ‘systematically executed attacks targeting the neighborhood’s Muslim residents.’ His reports showed a false picture of the violence and depicted Hindus as victims and Muslims as perpetrators, whereas the fact was the opposite.

On another occasion, OpIndia, through its made-up reports, falsely accused the locals in the southern state of Tamil Nadu of attacking the migrant workers from north India in ‘Talibani style.’

Consequently,  cases were registered under Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups) and 505 (statements conducting to public mischief) in Tamil Nadu against Roushan, CEO of OpIndia, and its Editor Nupur J Sharma for spreading fake news and creating a ‘sense of fear’ among migrant workers in the state.

Despite these hurdles, Roushan has treasured a longing desire to witness a bloodbath of the Muslim community. Unsatisfied with the haphazard incidents of mob lynchings, he repeatedly instigates Hindus to embark upon a full-on Muslim genocide in the country.

He tweeted this ‘advice’ to gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes who have been accused of killing  Muslims) by asking them to give up sundry lynchings and instead indulge in large-scale violence to get attention. Roushan was reacting to a tweet from lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan.

He is obviously, not a loner in this campaign to push through the anti-Muslim hateful agenda. He attends programs along with notable propagandists like Madhu Kishwar to induct the Hindu extremist narrative into the national mainstream.

Roushan seeks to normalize Islamophobia by equating it with the anti-caste narrative. He is a caste chauvinist, a Bhumihar from Bihar who feels threatened by attacks that target the supremacy of Brahmins.

He peevishly unleashed a full-blown witch hunt on Islam in his writings. In a blog titled “The Problem With Islam, A short analysis,” he suggests,  “But unless Muslims start questioning these and rejecting some of these aspects, including some verses of the Quran, nothing will change. Platitudes like everything is right and Islam is just a misunderstood religion won’t help.”

In another blog– ”Where is the Ambedkar that Islam needs? And it needs one badly” he expressed that Islam needs an Ambedkar-like figure who would question its fundamentals and save humanity from the violence of Islam.

“By Ambedkar of Islam, I mean a reformer who can attack traditional Islam just like Ambedkar attacked traditional Hinduism – almost to the point of destroying it in its existing form. The Indian liberal is either hopelessly coward or viciously anti-Hindu (due to double standards) who doesn’t yearn for an Ambedkar that Islam desperately needs in today’s times,” he wrote.

In another piece, promoting the bogus theory of the ‘Love Jihad’ he wrote, “That (Love Jihad)  is the result of an ideology that doesn’t need a trigger for a “wave of radicalization. And that ideology is Islamism – a desire to restore Islam to its glorious days by going back to its roots, even if it means going back to the medieval era. And it includes treating women as war booty, something that can be the ideological basis for Love Jihad in India and sexual grooming in the UK.”

His social media accounts are filled with anti-Muslim rants and rhetoric, and equally vicious are his propaganda pieces.