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Rajeshwar Singh

Affiliation: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Uttar Pradesh

Rajeshwar Singh is a Hindu nationalist leader from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He is an RSS pracharak and the chief of state’s Dharm Jagran Samiti (DJS).

Since 1996, he has been running the RSS project of Ghar Wapisi (reconversion to Hinduism) in western Uttar Pradesh. Every year, he organizes big programs of Ghar Wapisi on December 23 for Muslims and December 25 for Christians. He claims to have conducted Ghar wapsi of over 3,00,000 people since 1996

In December 2014, Singh also claimed that by 2021 religions like Christianity and Islam would be removed from the country.

“The inner spirit of India has been awakened. Bharat Mata has risen. She is anxious to attain her goal. Wait and watch. December 31, 2021 is the last date for Christian terrorist and Islam in this country. We have vouched to erase Islam and Christianity from the country by the date. This is me and my comrade’s oath,” he had said.

“The Muslims and the Christians don’t have any right to stay here. So they would either be converted to Hinduism or forced to run away from the country,” he added. 

The same month in December 2014, Singh and his aides converted over 300 Muslims to Hinduism in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, which led to nationwide outrage.