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Ram Bhakt Gopal Sharma

Affiliation: Others
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: India, Uttar Pradesh

Ram Bhakt Gopal Sharma is a Hindu militant who attacked Jamia Millia Islamia University students during the anti-citizenship bill protests on January 30, 2020.

Sharma used a country-made pistol to fire at the student protestors. He fired one shot, leaving a Jamia student of mass communication, Shadab Farooq, injured.

Before shooting, his Facebook page was messages like: “Shaheen Bagh, Game Over,” “Yeh lo azaadi (Here, take your freedom),” and “I am the lone Hindu here.” He was sent to 28-day protective custody in a correctional facility by the Juvenile Justice Board and later released.

On July 4, 2021, he made a speech at the communally charged mahapanchayat in Pataudi in Haryana that had reportedly been organized to discuss religious conversions, so-called love jihad, and the need for a population control law.

Some of his controversial statements:

“Jab mulle katey jayenge…Tab Ram Ram chilayenge” (When mullahs – a pejorative term for Muslims – are stabbed, they will scream the name of Ram)”.

“Have we become so weak that we are unable to protect our sisters and daughters? Hindus will only awaken when they have to read the namaz. Don’t just act, but create a ruckus. The Constitution gives us this right.”

“Mullo ka na qazi ka, desh hai veer Shivaji ka (This country belongs to the brave Shivaji and not to Muslims or Muslim priests).”

“I do not believe in the word secular, it has been thrust upon the Hindus. There is no one left to define minorities in the country…I would like to implore the youth to pick up weapons…we will have to write history again.

“Jamia mein naare lagaate hain, Hindus ki kabar khudegi. “Arre ek baar apne college se baahar to niklo, hum bataaenge kiski kabar khudegi, aur kiski nai,”

“Main keval ye baat karne aaya hun, main kabhi mic ni pakadta apne haath mein, ye baat jaante hain ki apne haath mein kya pakadna chaiye aur kya aaj ke samay ki awashyakta hai.”