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Rishi Bagree

Rishi Bagree

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Social Media Troll
Location: Kolkata

Rishi Bagree, who works for the ruling BJP, is a social media influencer who peddles lies, propaganda, and misinformation on his social media accounts.

He has the access and patronage of the top BJP leadership. This pathological liar is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

He often posts fake images to gain popularity and create hype for Modi and his party.

Altnews has chronicled his flagrant lies in a report titled “Rishi Bagree: A relentless purveyor of misinformation.”

In one case, he morphed an image of a newspaper article headlined, “Hindu girl stabbed to death by a Muslim man.”

However, The Times of India clarified via a tweet that this was a distorted headline and added that legal action would be pursued against him.

There is a long list of his lies and hate-mongering attempts in the report, including a false claim that Muslims “held Hindus hostage and threatened to kill them,” posting pictures of an incident of a rail-roko (stop the trains) protest that had taken place in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, after an alleged incident of harassment.

His¬†tweets often promote fear-mongering that Muslims are conspiring to take over India and establish an Islam rule. He tries his best to present a sinister image of¬† Muslims and peddles conspiracy theories of ‘Love jihad’ by posting fake information and pictures.

His Twitter account was suspended in 2019 for spreading misinformation.