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Sadhvi Kamal

Affiliation: Rashtriya Gau Raksha Dal
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Rajasthan

Sadhvi Kamal, aka Sadhvi Kamal Didi leads a notorious cow vigilante group in the Indian state of Rajasthan. She is the national president of the Rashtriya Gau Raksha Dal’s women’s wing.

Born as Kamlesh Sharma in Haryana’s Jhajjar district in 1977, at the age of 12, she found a mentor in Acharya Yogendra Arya, president of the Haryana unit of the Rashtriya Gau Raksha Dal and a member of the state government’s Gau Sewa Aayog. She later moved to Rajasthan with her parents and became Sadhvi Kamal.

Her cow vigilante group became active after the BJP-led government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over at the Centre. She has been accused of attacking people from the minority Muslim community merely on suspicion of consuming beef.

In March 2017, Kamal laid siege around a Muslim hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for allegedly serving beef. She later assaulted the staff of the hotel as well.

In April 2017, Kamal equated one of the accused in the Phelu Khan cow lynching case with revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad.

“The entire country is with you. If we will not do such things in our country than who else will. You need not worry about anything,” she said.

Some of her controversial statements:

“We are not going to allow cow smuggling. And we won’t allow them to be slaughtered. Whoever wants to stay here in India, they stay here as a Hindu. This is our country, we should dominate, and things should happen according to us. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to Pakistan.”