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Sadhvi Prachi

Affiliation: Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP)
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: India, Uttar Pradesh

Sadhvi Prachi is a Hindu militant leader and member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. She joined Sangh Parivar as a trainee and member of the Rashtriya Sevika Samiti, the women’s arm of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), but gained prominence for hate speeches and orchestrating anti-Muslim riots.

She was one of the accused of inciting anti-Muslim violence during the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013 that left at least 62 people dead, mostly Muslims, and displaced 50,000 people.

She was accused of delivering hate speeches, violating prohibitory orders, deterring public servants from discharging their duties, and wrongful restraint. But in March 2021,  all the charges against her, along with other BJP leaders, were dropped after the Yogi government submitted a plea to withdraw cases in the local court.

She is well known for giving communal statements. Her communal propaganda ranges from “Salman Khan was acquitted because he’s Muslim” and “Shah Rukh Khan is a Pakistani agent” to “Beef-eaters like Akhlaq deserve death” and a call to “Make India Muslim-free.”

In January 2021, she threatened to perform a ‘havan’ at a mosque, which was at the center of a dispute between two faiths.


Some of her controversial statements:

“Now that we have achieved the mission of making a Congress-free India, it is time to make India Muslim-free. We are working on that.”

“Everyone’s DNA is one except those who eat cow meat.”

“Government facilities (should) be stopped in case of those who have more than two children. In case of more than two children, the right to exercise franchise (should) be also taken away.”

“If you want a riot, get the posters taken off and if you want peace, then the government is doing it right,” Prachi threated anti CAA protestors in Lucknow.

“The festival of Rakhee is approaching….we often use the rakhees made by the Muslims…..we should not do that….Hindus should make rakhees.”

“My elder brother Yogi ji should ensure that till the time Kanwar processions are going on.. there should be ban on use of loud speakers in the masjids.”

“99 per cent of Muslims make Kanwar for Lord Shiva devotees in Haridwar. They should be boycotted. They should be asked to leave from there. Hindus of my country should get employment opportunities.”

“I, for one, would ask the Bajrangis to tear the posters of films of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan of the walls and burn them in the fire of Holi.”