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Sagar Kumar

Sagar Kumar

Affiliation: Sudarshan News
Vocation/ Title: Sr. Journalist/News Reporter
Location: Delhi, India

Sagar Kumar is a news reporter associated with Sudarshan News, a Hindu far-right propaganda outlet, where he focuses solely on spreading hatred against Muslims.

Kumar peddles Disinformation and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories through his shows on Sudarshan. He refers to Muslims as Jihadis and Muslim-majority areas as mini Pakistan.

On April 14, 2022, Sudarshan News presented a false report on air that Pawan Hans Limited, a government-run helicopter service provider, was engaging in “job jihad” by hiring Muslims. Sagar tweeted a derogatory message to support the propaganda. While sharing a caricature showing only Muslims being allowed to enter the company’s helicopter, he wrote, “Not Pawan Hans, Halal Hans! This is also a big conspiracy against Hindus!”

Altnews found the claims were untrue.

Similarly, after the murder of a 22-year-old Hindu girl in Mysuru, Karnataka, allegedly committed by her boyfriend Ashish, a Hindu, Sagar floated the anti-Muslim conspiracy theory of “Love Jihad” and claimed that the accused was Ashik, a Muslim-sounding name, and that he killed the Hindu girl for her religion.

While sharing the fake news in September 2022, he wrote,

 “Mere wala Abdul aesa nahi hai.” ( My Abdul is not like that)

(Abdul is a derogatory term used by the Hindu right wing to refer to Muslims.)

A February 4, 2023 report of the Digital Forensics Research and Analytics Center declared Sagar an ocean (sagar) of Disinformation. The report chronicled a slew of flagrant lies and propaganda by Sagar to vilify Muslims.

In March 2023, he again targeted Muslims over the murder of a man named Harish in Hyderabad, Telangana, claiming that Harish had married a Muslim woman whose brothers later murdered him because he was a Hindu.

The claims were found to be false as both the victim and his wife belonged to the Hindu community.