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Samiksha Singh Yadav

Samiksha Singh Yadav

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Poet
Location: Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh

Samiksha Singh Yadav, a self-proclaimed ‘Rashtraputri’ (Daughter of the Nation), is a poet from Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, who wields poetry as a weapon to spread hatred and incite violence against Muslims. With more than a million followers on Facebook, her popularity among Hindu nationalists keeps soaring as she skillfully manipulates language to fuel hatred and deepen communal divisions.

Yadav is a government servant and holds the position of District Sports Officer in Uttar Pradesh. She claims to have postgraduate degrees in ten subjects. Still, her poetry is filled only with propaganda, conspiracy theories, and targeted hatred toward Muslims. What sets Yadav apart is her audacity to openly incite violence through her poetic expressions although she holds a responsible position in the

Yadav is regularly invited to ‘kavi Sammelans’ (poetry gatherings), where she indulges in hate-mongering against Muslims under the guise of poetry recitation. In these gatherings, she openly uses disparaging terminologies like “jihadi” and “terrorist” to target Muslims.

In October 2021, at a gathering organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh, Yadav presented her hate-filled poetry. Referring to Muslims as “jihadi,” she recited the following couplet:

“Jan Chuke hain hum sab Hindu ab sangarsh zaruri hai; Jab tak antim Jihadi hai tab tak yudh karenge hum. (We Hindus have suffered enough; now the struggle is necessary; Until the last Jihadi remains, we will continue to fight).”

While the crowd savored the venomous content of Yadav’s poetry, they reacted with applause and slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” (Hail Lord Rama).

She often advocates violence by referring to non-violence as “bharam” (illusion) and describes it as a “Shatruon ka Jaal” (a trap of enemies). She also cited Hindu religious texts to justify violence against Muslims. Another line from her poetry reads:

“Jaane kab in ghaddaron ke sheesh utare jaenge; Ab bhi aankhen band rahi to Hindu mare jaenge. (Who knows when these traitors’ heads will be severed; If our eyes remain closed, Hindus will be killed).”

In April 2023, during a poetry gathering (kavi sammelan), Yadav while addressing a crowd said: “Koi bhi uhda dedo ye unmadi hi niklenge; jisme khaenge ye unski barbadi hi niklenge, doodh pilane se sanpon ne kab apni fitrat chodi; khaal utarenge apni to jihadi hi niklenge. (Give them any opportunity, and they will reveal their madness; In whatever they consume, they will find destruction, Just as snakes never abandon their nature even when given milk; When they shed their skin, they will still be Jihadis).”

These words reflect Yadav’s continued use of inflammatory language and divisive rhetoric. By equating a specific community (in this case, referring to Muslims as “Jihadis”) with destruction and implying that their inherent nature is tied to violence, she perpetuates stereotypes and fuels hatred.

She also mockingly accused Muslims of engaging in incestuous relationships with their sisters. She pushed the crowd to break relations with the Muslim community, stating that Muslim fruit and vegetable vendors sell fruits and vegetables to Hindus that have been spit and peed on. She promoted the idea that Muslims who depend on charity want to split up India and turn it into an Islamic state.