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Sandeep Acharya

Sandeep Acharya

Affiliation: Hindu Yuva Vahini
Vocation/ Title: Singer , Music Composer
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Sandeep Acharya is a member of a Hindu extremist organization called Hindu Yuva Vahini. The Hindu militant monk and the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath founded the group. Professionally, he is a singer and music composer. He performs in concerts and religious gatherings which are attended by thousands of Hindus.

Sandeep is extremely popular. Packed with vituperate and vulgar overtones, his songs are simply calls to Muslim Genocide and extermination. Post-2014, India witnessed a massive influx of hate-filled Islamophobic, the relatively new rancorous genre of music, commonly known as “Hindutva pop.” 

Far from musicality, his songs are composed only of hate mongering, Hindu extremism, Hindu militarisation, genocidal calls , Islamophobia and similar hate filled terminologies calling for violence against Muslims. 

Here are a few lines from his songs:

Hindu hokar bhi tumko gar Prabhu Ram na bhate hain,

Pta karo kya tumhare ghar Abdul chacha aate hain.

(Despite being a Hindu, if you don’t like lord Ram

Find out whether Abdul ChaCha (a Common Muslim Name) frequents your home.)

Hindu Rashtra ghoshit karo Hindustan ko

Modiji ab Maan lo hum sab ki mang ko

(Declare India a Hindu Rashtra (Nation)

Modi ji, accept our demand now.)

Abdul khane me thook Raha hai.

(Abdul (euphemism for Muslims) spits in food (and offers it to Hindus).)

Makke walo Makka jao.

(Those who belong to Mecca go back to Mecca.)

Eid nahi hogi ab

(No Eid ( Muslim Festival) now.)

Bharat me tum kirayedar ho.

(You muslims are tenants in India .)

Thousands of Hindus throng from different places to attend his concert, to enjoy and dance on lyrics, trademarked with hatred and vulgarity, calling for the killing of Muslims.

His songs are played on loudspeakers in Hindu religious processions, during local fairs and  in election rallies. Hindu mobs employ such hate-filled songs to charge up and provoke their brigades during communal strifes. 

In Khargone (Madhya Pradesh) and in Northern Gujarat, anti-Muslim violence, such vulgar, extremely provocative, and Islamophobic songs were played on loudspeakers in front of Mosques. The violence that broke out dismantled Muslim localities.

He puts his compositions on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, where the videos go viral in a few minutes. His YouTube channel was banned, but he keeps on making new ones to ensure that his songs get maximum publicity.