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Sanjay Dixit

Sanjay Dixit

Affiliation: The Jaipur Dialogues
Vocation/ Title: Indian Administrative Officer ( Retired), Author
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sanjay Dixit, a former Indian Civil servant, is a Hindu far-right ‘thinker’ and ‘writer’ who heads ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’ as Chairman.

The Jaipur Dialogues is a far-right think-tank with over a million Youtube subscribers. The group is dedicated to spreading anti-Muslim hate and bigotry along with incessant overtones of Hindu Supremacy and hyper-nationalism.

He has openly propagated anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, including ‘love jihad,’ ‘land jihad,’ and ‘Mazar jihad.’ He is a hardened Islamophobe who is habitual of mocking and denigrating Islam. He convenes multiple shows, such as ‘Islam’ and ‘Deen Ki Dawat’ on his youtube channels which are solely dedicated to disparaging Islam.

Dixit has a history of making absurd and incendiary remarks, which have gotten him in trouble more than once. His bigotry and hatred have only gotten worse over time.

In 2011 Dixit was suspended from his position as Secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Lalit Modi, the suspended Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner, supported Dixit’s suspension and alleged,  “Dixit was ruining cricket in Rajasthan. Irregularities have become common in the RCA functioning,”

In an open letter published in July 2017, 65 retired civil service officers registered their concern on rising intolerance towards Muslims in India and emphasized the need to “reclaim and defend the spirit of the Constitution of India, as envisaged by the founding fathers,” and urged “all public authorities, public institutions, and Constitutional bodies to take heed of these disturbing trends and take corrective action” in the face of “rising authoritarianism and majoritarianism, which do not allow for reasoned debate, discussion, and dissension.”

Dixit retaliated by casting aspersions on the intention and credentials of the signatories’ tagging them as people with a ‘colonial mindset.’

In 2018 Kolkata Police summoned Dixit while he was serving the Rajasthan government in connection with sharing a fake West Bengal government notification extending holidays for Eid. Dixit had described West Bengal as the  “Islamic State of West Bangladesh” in his tweet, which he later deleted.

He was enraged when Javed Akhtar received the Richard Dawkins Award in 2020. He described the renowned lyricist and screenwriter for Bollywood films as a “hardcore Islamist sympathizer.”

His book titled, ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’ promoted disinformation that the February 2020 anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi was the result of a ‘pre-planned conspiracy’ hatched by Muslims and liberals/leftists (Urban-Naxal-Jihadi).

Bloomsbury India refused to publish the book, later published by the Hindu far-right publication- Garuda Prakashan.