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Sanjeev Newar

Sanjeev Newar

Affiliation: Agniveer, Seva Nyaya Utthan Foundation, and Gems of Bollywood
Vocation/ Title: Far-right Leader
Location: Delhi

Sanjeev Newar alias Sajveev Sanskrit is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and proclaims himself a promoter of Vedas, Sanskrit, and Sanskriti. He has written a volume of propaganda literature seeking to militarise Hindus and vilify Muslims by distorting history.

Newar has also founded multiple non-profit organizations like AgniveerSeva Nyaya Utthan Foundation, and Gems of Bollywood to propagate ideas of Hindu supremacy. Agniveer is a notorious cow vigilante militia group operating in multiple Indian states.

Newar promotes anti-Muslim conspiracy theories behind the veil of advancing Vedic philosophy through these tax-exempted organizations.

Newar’s other venture, the ‘Seva Nyaya Utthan Foundation,’ professes to provide ‘end-to-end delivery of service and justice’ to the poor and disadvantaged. However pleasant and noble it may sound, this organization is no different from ‘Agniveer’ when it comes to spreading anti-Muslim propaganda. The group peddles conspiracy theories of ‘love jihad’ and ‘dharm parivartan’ (religious conversion).

His other bogus setup, ‘Gems of Bollywood’ judges Indian films on communal lines. The film reviewing platform claims to “extract Hindu-phobic elements” and unravel the hidden “pro-Islamic/Muslim agenda” of Bollywood movies.

The practice supports fear-mongering, gives Hindus a sense of urgency and unease, and tends to create a ‘common consciousness’ against Muslims.

Newar has built a nefarious empire within the Hindu extremist ecosystem to legitimize hatred by promoting anti-Musim propaganda and conspiracy theories.