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Sankrant Sanu

Sankrant Sanu

Affiliation: Garuda Prakashan
Vocation/ Title: Author, Publisher, and Engineer
Location: Gurugram, Uttar Pradesh

Sankrant Sanu is a far-right author and entrepreneur who is the founder and  CEO of the publishing house Garuda Prakashan, a Hindu supremacist propaganda publication company.

He vehemently advocates indigenous Hindu culture and languages and has  also written a book titled, “English Medium Myth: Dismantling Barriers to India’s Growth.”

Sankrant is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and the University of Texas at Austin. He is faculty at the Art of Living Foundation.

Sanu, a fervent Islamophobe, has been actively promoting Islamophobia, mainstreaming radical Hindu ideologies, and mockingly trivializing Muslims’ plight in India. He launched the Garuda Prakashan in 2017, which publishes works that further one or more of these objectives.

He regularly invents and peddles anti-Muslim conspiracy theories through his writings and talks. His Twitter account is a constant source of Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims.

He promotes Hindu nationalist ideology and calls for turning India into a Hindu nation.

Hindutva, the ideological root of Hindu extremism and anti-Muslim atrocities in India, is whitewashed and presented as a mere propeller of ‘self-defense’ among Hindus by Sanu. He writes, “Hindutva is Hinduism that resists.”

In 2016, he criticized the Modi government for its supposed inaction on Hindu  ‘civilizational issues’ and suggested, “The government should unapologetically saffronize(Hinduize). Contrast with the actions of the UPA or the Communists in power.”

Sanu is dismissive of the alarming socio-political situation of Muslims in India. He wrote for the Swarajya in 2016,  “There is no reason that Muslim Indians feel any differently unless led by the creation of fear or sustained demagoguery to believe otherwise.”

According to him, secularism, one of the cornerstones of the Indian constitution, is an ‘absurdity’  imposed by outsiders.

On the eve of World Hijab Day in 2017, he tweeted, “The Hijab is a fascist flag. The message is of non-hijabi women being “loose, open meat.”

In May 2022, he wrote a piece for News18 and called on Indian Muslims to hand over control of mosques in Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura to Hindus to build temples.

In November 2022, he wrote,  “It’s always hilarious to me when hijab-wearing religious conservatives like Ilhan Omar get called “liberal. Because for the Left, you can be an Islamic fundamentalist, constantly push a religious agenda, and still be a “liberal. Only for that one religion.”

Opposing the government schemes dedicated to the upliftment of the minority Muslims, he said that the Government of India is funding Jihad by providing scholarships and other concessions to Muslims. He wrote, “Economic upliftment is not a counter to Jihad. It is the fuel for Jihad.”

“The Govt of India funds the ecosystem for jihad. This is via schemes and scholarships, funds for madrasas, the Waqf Act, and support for Halal. Meanwhile, it robs Hindus, robs temple funds and lands, prevents Hindu schools from competing,” he added.

He employs disparaging terminologies like “grooming gang” and “rape jihad” to demonize and vilify Islam and Muslims.

Through multiple obnoxious tweets, he peddles anti-Muslim bigotry and hatred.

“Allah says rape is a form of jihad, and women who allow rape by Allah’s terrorists (Mujahudeen) will go to heaven.”

He continued by writing that committing rape has been “sanctioned by the Quran” and that the Muslim Society supports and engages in it out of obligation to their faith.

In April 2023, he told The Print that his publication agency, Garuda Prakashan, has played a pivotal role in magnifying the issue of ‘Urban Naxals.’ He took credit for popularising the expression “Urban Naxals” and cited Garuda Prakashan as singularly responsible for the birth of the “memes” on the topic.

“It started to be used by everyone then. Straight down from the Prime Minister. This is part of our success,” he said.

The liberal-secular intelligentsia, which is mainly concentrated in Indian cities, is referred to as “Urban Naxals” by the Hindu right.

Sanu’s publishing house released a book named “Urban Naxals” written by Vivek Agnihotri.