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Sarah L Gates

Sarah L Gates

Affiliation: Edith Cowan University, School of Arts and Humanities, Graduate Research School
Vocation/ Title: Research Scholar
Location: Australia, Queensland

Sarah L Gates is an Australia-based research scholar. Her research area comprises Ecophilosophy, Ecocritical Theory, Yoga, Tantra, Kashmir Shaivism, Decolonial Ecofeminism, Post-Colonial Studies, Hinduphobia, Decolonisation, and Sustainability Theory.

Gates also founded ‘Hindu Human Rights Australasia- Advocacy Empowerment Research Training.’ According to the HHR’s website, “Sarah has been engaged in research and advocacy for her own spiritual family, editing many academic and yoga publications, supporting dharmic education projects and the ongoing campaign with Hindu Human Rights on Hinduphobia, human rights violations and atrocities against Hindus.”

Gates is an unapologetic Hindu far-right scholar who sadistically enjoys the predicament of the religious minorities in India and provides intellectual patronage to the Hindu extremists.

She ‘justifies’ the discriminatory caste system in the Hindu religion by labeling the scourge as a British innovation aimed at defaming Hinduism. Gates regularly indulges in fear-mongering among Hindus and openly exhorts them to ‘step up and fight back’ against the supposed Hinduphobia.

Gate often defends Hindu militant groups. In February 2023, when The Wall Street Journal published a story on firearms sales in Bajrang Dal support groups on Facebook, she was quick to run a counter-campaign in defense of the group that was designated as a “militant religious group” by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) world factbook in 2018.

Similar are her views on Hindutva ( a Hindu supremacist/nationalist ideology). She feels that whoever contests the idea of Hindu nationalism is “Hinduphobic.”

“It’s a whole psyche that’s being aroused among communities against the Hindus,” she says.

When dozens of American scholars organized the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference co-sponsored by departments and centers of more than 53 universities, most of them from the US, including Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton, Gates declared the event a form of “neo-colonialism” and an attempt to effectuate a “regime change” in India.

In Gate’s parochial understanding, Islam and Christianity are ‘Abrahamic supremacist religions’ which are narcissistic and do not have any place for non-believers.