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Shambhav Sharma

Shambhav Sharma

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/Title: Youtuber, Social Media Influencer
Location: Chicago, United States

Shambhav Sharma is the creator of the YouTube channel “Sham Sharma Show,” recognized for its Hindu rightwing content and strong criticism of left-liberal and Muslim voices in the media. Sharma is known for his anti-Muslim rhetoric, often aligning himself with prominent Hindu supremacist figures and propagating sentiments that challenge the socio-cultural presence of Muslims in India.

In October 2017, Sharma launched the “Postcard” YouTube show, drawing inspiration from American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, to promote a pro-government narrative and counter minority voices in the country. He has openly expressed his admiration for the Hindutva ideology, which advocates for a Hindu supremacist state and violence against Muslims. 

With a growing audience of 1.22 million subscribers, Sharma has utilized his YouTube platform to spread hatred and propagate conspiracy theories like ‘Islamic Jihad’ and ‘demographic change.’ He has been known to promote the concept of a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation), often distorting historical facts to boost Hindu supremacist narratives. He has also shared memes, “roast” videos, and content designed to insult and target Muslims.

In April 2019, YouTube took down a video in which Sharma claimed “Celebrating the hijab insults millions of women around the world” in the context of Karnataka state’s hijab ban. In another video, however, he along with two other panelists named Kushal Mehra and Abhijeet mock the hijab openly: Abhijeet covers up his body with a hijab as a joke, while Sharma argues in favor of the hijab ban, calling the religious practice “irrational” and incompatible with modern society. 

Sharma is also active on X, where he frequently targets Muslim journalists like Arfa Khanam Sherwani and Rana Ayyub, referring to them as “Talibani” and “terrorists,” and shares cartoons and caricatures mocking them

In January 2020, Sharma shared an image on a social media platform depicting an Indian currency note with the portrait of Hindu figure Shivaji in place of Gandhi. The image was an implicit call for the erasure of India’s nonviolent, secular values in favor of establishing a Hindu ethno-state. 

In one of his youtube videos, he seems to be vehemently defending the BJP spokesperson, Nupur sharma who had made offensive comments on Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). In the same video, he mocked Zubair Ahmad, Alt News founder and fact checker and furthermore denounced the existence of Ganga jamuni tehzeeb ( secular nature of Indian polity) by calling it a ‘scam’ imposed upon India  by the ‘thekedars of democracy’ ( sympathizers of democracy) .  

In one of his YouTube videos, he strongly defended the offensive statements made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). In the same video, he ridiculed Zubair Ahmad, the founder and fact-checker of Alt News.