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Shankar Gaikar

Shankar Gaikar

Affiliation: Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha
Vocation/ Title: Zonal Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha, Maharashtra and Goa
Categories: Hate Mongers
Location: Maharashtra

Shankar Gaikar is a Hindu extremist and ultra-right nationalist leader of the Hindu Mahasabha, the Hindu extremist organization involved in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

He is notorious for his anti-minority (primarily Muslims and Christians) venomous stance. His core ideology is of Hindutva Universalisation through Hindu militarisation.

He boasts of his active involvement in Babri Masjid Demolition and also praises Bajrang dal, a Hindu militant group for participating in anti-Muslim pogroms in Godhra, Gujarat in 2002.

Responding to the Supreme Court judgment on Babri dispute, he said “I feel proud to have participated in the cleansing of sins by demolishing the Babri Mosque , I returned to Mumbai with a sense of satisfaction and I don’t regret it”.

Gaikar  fearlessly admits, “We have won  Ayodhya after bloodbaths …I do not fear …these Bajrang Dal workers have shown their valor in Gujarat for the cause of Ram Mandir (referring to The Gujarat Pogrom of 2002).”

He despises the ‘secular’ nature of Indian polity and aspires to make India a Hindu Rashtra. He said, at a Hindu Mahasabha program in Thane, Maharashtra, “these seculars, who are neither male nor female (eunuchs) are the enemies of  our country…France and Germany have taken their revenge….when shall we Hindus take revenge from the Muslims!?… Where is that arch and bow of  Lord Ram in your hands , will you Hindus sit idle like this ….’ (Hindus ).”

He romanticizes cow vigilantism and finds himself fortunate that his name has ‘Gai’ (cow) in it. He believes that India can’t become a Hindu Rashtra until cow slaughter is completely banned in India.

In Jan 2023, addressing a rally (Shaurya Path Sanchalan) in Boiser, Maharashtra he said , ….‘Muslims are innately cruel, cruelty is in their blood and we Hindus are at core compassionate beings , we (Hindus) have always been so …these mullahs did not spare the Prophet’s family  …. now they  are roaming in our country, this tradition of cruelty is not of today. This tradition of cruelty has been there for thousands of years. Look at your community and correct your people, those who try to chase us. They take the oath of eliminating us.. ’’

According to Gaikar, Muslims should not be recruited in Indian Army because,  “there have been incidents of theft of weapons and ammunitions from the security forces. These weapons are used against our own forces. So, the recruitment of Muslim youths from Kashmir should stop.”

He has openly given genocidal calls of Muslims and asked Hindus to bear weapons.