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Suresh Chavhanke

Suresh Chavhanke

Affiliation: Sudarshan News/ Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)
Categories: Hate Mongers, Most Dangerous
Location: India, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh

Suresh Chavhanke is a far-right Hindu extremist leader and Indian TV anchor. He is the CEO and editor in chief of the Hindu extremist propaganda TV channel Sudarshan news. He hails from Shirdi, a town in the state of Maharashtra. 

Right from his childhood, he has been an active member of various wings of the Hindu supremacist paramilitary organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). Before launching the Sudarshan news channel in 2005 in Pune, he  was associated with a pro-RSS Tamil daily Tarun Bharat as a reporter . 

Later on the channel moved its principal office to Noida (Uttar Pradesh). Chavhanke is the sole face of Sudarshan news which is quintessentially a BJP’s mouthpiece funded largely by the latter and their allies. Chavhanke uses the social media platforms to incessantly demean, vilify, disparage, and threaten the Muslim community in India. Through his infamous TV program ‘Bindas bol’ he propagates on a daily basis various conspiracy theories and propaganda against Muslims and Christians. Disparaging terminologies like ‘love jihad’ and ‘UPSC Jihad (civil service Jihad)’  have been coined by him to ridicule Muslims on every social-economic front. The Supreme Court of India ordered his prime time program (Bindas bol) to halt and the government was asked to take appropriate actions. The central government, however, gave the program a green signal and it continues to spew hatred unabated.

He is often seen sharing the stage with prominent leaders of the ruling BJP. In his public appearances, he usually administers an oath and asks Hindus to pledge to “fight, die and if required, kill” in order to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra (nation). He often targets Muslim women. In one such event in his Islamophobia and hate-filled speech at a rally held on September 4 , 2022 in Badarpur, Haryana, Chavhanke urged Muslim women to marry Hindu men instead of Muslim men. He gives open calls for Muslim Genocide and urges Hindus to militarize in order to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra.

He orchestrated an onslaught on the beverage brand Haldiram for inscribing information on wrappers in  Arabic/Urdu script. He audaciously calls anyone who doesn’t align with the BJP government’s policies as traitor/Jihadi/terrorist. 

On 23 January 2023, in Nagar, Maharashtra, he gave a hate-filled Islamophobic speech. He counted to a cheering crowd the benefits for Muslim women if she chooses to marry a Hindu boy.

He initially spoke in Marathi then said, “pigs don’t understand Marathi, so I will speak in Hindi.” He said, “I give an offer to Muslims to marry Hindu boys for following benefits that are not present in case of you marrying a Muslim”.

Counting the advantages of marrying Hindu boys he said, “you won’t be sexually harassed by your father in law’s (as happens in Muslim families)”. He went on counting while the crowd laughed, clapped, and cheered.

He has faced various allegations/prosecutions ranging from spreading hatred and enmity among communities to rape of a co-worker in the news agency. 

He was also arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police in 2017 in a case for inciting communal hatred, only to be released later on bail. His social media accounts on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are constant sources of hate-mongering and Islamophobia.