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Surya Sagar Maharaj

Surya Sagar Maharaj

Affiliation: Bhagwa Raksha Dal, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Vocation/ Title: Jain Priest
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Gujarat, Vadodara

Surya Sagar ‘Maharaj’ aka khoonkhaar Baba (Bloody Monk) is a Jain monk (as he likes to be called), although the association of Jain priests called ‘Sakal Digambar Jain Samaj’ has distanced themselves from him. He is based in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Sagar is a militant extremist hate monger who often uploads videos on social media platforms openly flaunting sophisticated deadly weapons. He implores Hindus to pick up arms against Muslims. Through his incessant hate-mongering and calls for Muslim Genocide, he yearns to have a share in the prevalent Hindu militant ecosystem.

In his videos, he openly resorts to profanities and name-calling against Muslims. He has no qualms in referring to Muslims as “terrorists, jihadists, dacoits, and traitors.”  Sagar has been openly threatening to kill Muslim scholars and public figures. Claiming himself an ultra-nationalist, he even cheered in favor of the assassins of Punjabi Rapper Siddhu Moosewala and celebrated his killing. He seems quite angry with Christian missionaries and Tablighi Jamatees as he sees them as a threat to the unity of Hindus. Opposition leaders are not in his good books either, as he abuses and threatens them too on the slight difference of opinion.

He is an unapologetic Islamophobe who disparages Islam continuously. He says, “Islam is a religion of violence. Rohingyas were treated very well by Myanmar Buddhists. If God gives power to us we shall spare no time in eliminating you (Muslims). You bastards have settled in this country occupying our lands. Now the government of India is all set to thrash you. Your (Muslims’) time is over now. We have been in this country and shall remain here forever, but you Freeloaders shall be thrashed away from this land.”

In May 2020, Sagar was booked by the Vadodara Police for spreading hatred and enmity against the Muslim community under the pretext of “corona Jihad.” The local Hindus opposed the move, and the police could never secure his arrest in the matter.

He conducts his hateful campaign right under the nose of authorities with complete impunity. In one of his hateful videos on Youtube, he dares the police to arrest him. He further claimed that the government would never interrupt his ‘movement’ as he works for the government and his motherland. In the same video, he could be heard encouraging Hindus to bear weapons and not to worry about licenses as the situation is grave enough to justify the possession of arms, even illegally.

He propagates various anti-muslim conspiracy theories like ‘Love Jihad.’

“I find that in a thousand rape cases, almost all of them are committed by non Hindus and mostly by likes of Shahrukh Khan ( a Muslim actor),” he falsely claims. He suggests that the perpetrators of supposed ‘love jihad’ should be ‘burnt alive’ but laments that in present-day India, Hindus are not brave enough to teach them (Muslims) a proper lesson.

Youtube brims with his abhorrent visuals that are widely circulated and gather views in millions. The @hinduvoice7602, with more than 23k subscribers, and @ArvindKumarOfficial01, with 116k subscribers, are the two main youtube channels that routinely share his videos. There are, however, many other Hindu extremist channels that publish his hate-filled videos for wider circulation.