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Deepak aka Delhi ka Deepak

Deepak aka Delhi ka Deepak

Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Delhi

Dilli ka Deepak is a Hindu vigilante who calls himself a foot soldier of Hindu Rashtra (Nation) and a kattar Hindu ( Hardcore Hindu). He is most active on Facebook. Through his hate-filled stories and feeds, he has gathered 36k followers, while his extremist visuals also make rounds on other social media platforms.

He provides his camera coverage to other hate-mongers as well. He portrays himself as a defender of Hindus against the hoax of ‘love jihad’ (Love jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory developed by proponents of Hindu extremists).

He and his gang participated in the Feb 2023 procession, convened by Hindu Nationalist organizations in Delhi to support hate mongers like Bageshwar Baba and Suresh Chavhanke. Multiple speakers at the event gave open calls for Muslim genocide. 

Deepak shared multiple videos on his Facebook page in which he and other participants could be seen shouting Islamophobic and genocidal slogans. 

Before answering a media person at the event, he asked her to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ (Hail Lord Ram). He said, ‘these Muslims sleep with multiple wives, Sakina one night, Fatima the other. You (Muslims) produce ten kids, then say ohh inflation, you produce kids and Modi should feed them, wow!”

He goes on to ask Hindu women to militarize and bear weapons along with men. He said, “Our girls must learn to use weapons to protect religion, they are not meant for household chores.”

Then he says, “Muslim girls are looking for Hindu men. Two, one named Naela and the other Saela are mad in my longing”.

“Get spears and attack anyone who dares speak against Hindus or Hindu Rashtra (Nation),” he once said.

Like other Hindu extremists, he vehemently and violently obstructed the screening of Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ in Delhi on the pretext of some objectionable content in it.

In support of Bageshwar Baba (a Hindu Monk who claims to have miracles and spreads superstitions), he falsely that all allegations against him are prepared by Jihadis (Muslims).