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Sadhvi Aastha Maa

Sadhvi Aastha Maa

Affiliation: Independent
Vocation/ Title: Hindu Monk
Categories: Most Dangerous
Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Sadhvi Aastha Maa is a Mahamandleshwar (a Hindu Monk) based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. She is a struggling Hindu extremist trying to enter the arena of Hindu chauvinism by gushing out hatred and Islamophobia.

She calls herself  ‘Hindustan ki sherni’ (Lioness of India) and has become somewhat popular among the Hindu nationalists. Astha asserts that India is a Hindu Rashtra (Nation), and it can not be otherwise. She says, “see, how freely I am able to wear saffron and speak openly, they (non-Hindus) are merely a handful.”

“Whenever the finger will be raised on my religion, then I will slit their throats,” she said.

Aastha participates in gatherings like ‘Hindu Dharma Sansad,’ where calls for the massacre of Muslims in India are openly given. She travels and organizes small meetings with the local Hindu population to communicate her hate-filled anti-minority messages.

In one such meeting in Delhi, she gave a high-pitched hate-filled anti-Minority speech

“…these Hindu organizations only talk, they will kill, they will cut, don’t speak, show them, kill them, be courageous. I have courage so I did. These People of Delhi are stuck among questions of water, electricity, and food, they are paralyzed. You can do everything, what is required is determination.”

She has repeatedly registered her disappointment over the ineffectiveness of Hindus’ modus operandi in dealing with Muslims. She says, “I am better than you impotent Hindus (men) who do nothing. I go and fight for our religion alone, i am extremely pained to see my impotent Hindu brothers, do they (Muslims) eat any different than you, but you all have embraced impotent and fear (of Muslims), give me ten Jihadi Muslims, I will shoot them, i ready to suffer but i will die after doing something for my religion. This community ( referring to Muslims) is not faithful to anyone, if your humanity, love, and brotherhood continue, then remember my words they won’t spare any one of you.”

She continued while the crowd cheered,  “yes! Yes!”

Islamophobic Astha mockingly says, “Muslim men enjoy having multiple wives during their lifetime, and hereafter they would get seventy-two virgins, these poor Muslim women! Ask your Allah to arrange four five husbands for your females as well.”

“It is very difficult to distinguish in public places, who is not a Hindu, apply chandan tilak on your forehead, hold string of in one hand and spear in the other, you are having expensive Mobile phones with you, but it is extremely necessary to keep weapons nowadays , our religion is in danger,” Aastha said at a public gathering that went viral on the internet.

Aastha has vehemently supported rape convicts Hindu priests like Aasaram Bapu and Ram Rahim. She came forward supporting Dhirendra Shastri aka Bageshwar Baba

She said, “If anyone dares to look at Bageshwar Baba, I will gouge out their eyes and play with them.”

She obviously holds up to various anti-Muslim conspiracy theories like ‘love jihad.’ She declared everyone watching the Shahrukh Khan starred film ‘Pathan’ as a terrorist, traitor and Jihadi.

In March 2023, she led a mob that thrashed and shaved the head of a Muslim man over an accusation of theft.