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Vinay Krishan Chaturvedi

Vinay Krishan Chaturvedi

Affiliation: Nyay Manch Trust
Vocation/ Title: Poet, Author
Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Vinay Krishan Chaturvedi, alias Tufail Chaturvedi is a poet, author, and editor from Kashipur, Uttrakhand. Aside from poetry and literary engagements, he has a history of being an outspoken Islamophobe who often incites hatred and violence against Muslims and Islam through online posts and YouTube videos.

He calls himself a ‘nationalist thinker’ and advocates the idea of a Hindu Rashtra. He regularly appears on Hindu far-right shows and hosts one Youtube channel where he peddles anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and Islamophobic propaganda. He often invites notorious hate and genocide mongers like Yati Narsimhananda, Pushpendra Kulshreshta, Sanjay Dixit (The Jaipur Dialogues), and others.

He, along with Sanjay Dixit and Neeraj Atri, convened a special show, ‘Deen Ki Dawat’ with the aim of ‘exposing Islam’ on The Jaipur Dialogue, a Hindu extremist Youtube channel to ridicule and mock Islamic figures, beliefs, and practices.

Chaturvedi propagates hate unbridled, posing himself as an ‘expert on Islam.’ Referring to Islam as ‘cancer’ and Muslims as ‘deshdrohi (traitors)’ and ‘malech,’ he openly calls on Hindus to arm themselves.

He has been at the center of the Ghar Wapsi (forced religious conversion) movement and has been exhorting the vicious propaganda rooted in the idea of Hindu superiority and dominance.

In October 2022, at an event in Bikaner, Rajasthan, he directly linked Islam with terrorism by stating that “terrorism was born fourteen hundred years ago, with the Prophethood of Mohammad.” He added that Islam has a “tendency to dominate, and it cannot co-exist with other faiths.” He then suggested a solution by saying that their (Muslim) population has to be outnumbered and that it depends on the virility of Hindu males.

He indulges in fear-mongering by peddling the anti-muslim conspiracy theories of ‘Land Jihad,’ ‘Love Jihad,’ and ‘ghar wapsi’ etc. He has been attending anti-Muslim rallies and programs to propagate his vicious ideas on Islam and Muslims.

In April 2023, he organized ‘Hindu Jagriti Sammelan’ ( Public awareness program) in New Delhi, where vows were taken to transform India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in addition to demonizing Muslim minorities.

At the summation of the two-day hate-filled program, Chaturvedi narrated the objectives of the event and asked every Hindu:

  • To convert at least two Muslims to Hinduism at any cost, which he termed as ‘Ghar Wapsi’/’Shuddhi’

  • To have more children and more quickly

  • To procure arms and weapons for the cause of ‘Hindu Rashtra.’

  • To contribute financially to the anti-Muslim agenda

Chaturvedi admitted to having extended financial help of one lakh rupees for  Monu Manesar, a notorious Hindu militant accused of burning alive two Muslim youths, Junaid and Nasir, over suspicion of transporting cows.